Saturday, April 25, 2009

Red Letter Redneck Day!

Today was a great day! It started out with an awesome time of fellowshipping with God and digging into his word.  After losing track of time I ate lunch and went snake hunting by Gillespie lake. 

King Cobra.jpg

 There we sharpened a broomstick and attempted to spear big 'ol bullfrog tadpoles.  Sadly, we were not successful.  Oh well.  I then proceeded to watch a couple of 24 episodes.  


Great Stuff!  For dinner I enjoyed a good 'ol fashioned Crawfish Boil!   MMM... MMM.. Good! Everything tasted great and the corn was very spicy.  Just the way I like it!  


And to top it off,  I have strike for a show tonight.  That always involves some good man work! gggrrr ugh ugh!(Man Grunts) And finally hitting the sack after a good day's work, with a little sunburn!

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