Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy 80th Birthday Papa!!!!!

Today was quite an exciting day!  This is not something that happens everyday.  I got to be a part of a little surprise.  When the party for Papa was being planned, we soon realized that it was highly unlikely that I would be able to attend.  This worked to our advantage.  I checked my schedule and voila! An opening was available for me to come into town for this momentous occasion!  I recorded a video in my dorm room to send my congratulation and at the end I would walk out.  As I was making arrangements for coming into town a miracle occurred.  My amazing Aunt Jo, one of the most beautiful women of God I know, wanted to pay for me to fly home and back.  How good can God get!  So we finalized the plans and kept this secret from both Grandma and Papa. 


As I arrived, my sister aided me in searching for the perfect “hiding place” from which I would emerge.  As I waited, I began thinking, something I enjoy doing quite often.  I began to reminisce of all the memories I had. 




So many trips where we had gone to a local creek and fished, oftentimes not catching anything but learning plenty about fish.  Then there were times where we caught more than our fair share.  Times where we went to Chevrolet fishing camps and caught multiple catfish.  Out of all the times, one in particular stands out to me.  In the summer of my junior year of High School, Papa and I went to Tatum, Texas for a fishing extravaganza!  We woke up early in the morning (3:00am) and began preparing ourselves for the adventure ahead of us.  As we met up with Uncle Walter, Papa’s fishing buddy, we grabbed the final pieces of gear we needed.  We departed on the lake in complete darkness.  We found our spot by a water outtake and began to lower our rods in hope of catching some catfish.  We were not disappointed.  As the sun exploded from the water, leaving colorful traces of itself in the sky, we began catching catfish left and right.  They would come up one, two, three at a time.  By noon we caught upwards of 40 catfish, 4 of which were big blues.  I thoroughly enjoyed this trip. 


But time was up.  They were about to play my video.  As I saw myself move off the screen,  I began singing happy birthday while walking towards the front of the room.  However, I became surprised when I noticed everyone was still mesmerized by the projector screen.  Nonetheless, I was able to surprise my Grandpa and give him my love.  As for the rest of the day……it was a blessing.  It is days like these that remind me of the huge blessing that my family is to me and inspire me further to love them and devote myself to helping them in whatever way I can.  My family is a visual representation of the love of Christ for me. 


My prayer to day is this:

That God shows me new and creative ways to love my family and to bless them.  Also that they live long, blessed, fulfilling lives devoted to the Lord Jesus Christ

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