Saturday, January 31, 2009


What is an impression?  According to the Apple dictionary it is an impact, effect, influence, indentation, dent, mark, outline,or imprint.  Everywhere we go, we leave an impression.  Sometimes we leave big impressions and sometimes we barely leave any.  How powerful is an impression?  It depends.  Sometimes it makes a push on someone but they shrug it off and move on.  Other times such influence is gained and a person is so impressed, that it has the effects of a hailstorm on a car.  There is no way all of those dents will be removed.  The car will never look the same.  In this example, a negative connotation is implied but can we not, as humans, be impressed to that extent in a good sense?  Yes we can.

In Ephesians 5:1-2 we are told to be imitators of God and live a life of love.  We can see throughout the bible, history, and present times the impression that the life of Jesus Christ made on the entire earth.  Millions of people have been impressed to the point of seeking relationship with this God that has affected them so deeply.  So if we became imitators of Christ, would we leave an impression similar to Him?

I observed a very interesting event take place the other day.  I was standing in line for an activity at my theatre when perchance my eyes turned downwards.  Lo and behold, the person in front of me had just taken off his shoes and was currently standing in his socks.  Ordinarily I wouldn't be astounded by such a simple action, but my attention was snatched when he took two steps forward.  There on the ground were two imprints or "impressions" of his feet where he had previously been standing.  This stimulated my inquisitive mind.  How did this happen?  Science had an answer for me.  The temperature of the floor and that of the guy's feet were different.  The room was slightly chilly whilst his feet were warm and probably slightly sweaty.  (My apology for those who get squeamish about feet.  I will arrive to my point soon enough.)  What had happened was a transfer of heat.  The coolness of the floor cooled off his feet whilst the warmth of his feet warmed the floor.  At the point of contact between the feet and the floor,  condensation formed on the ground thus the footprint was created.  This inspired my thoughts on impressions.  It would appear that when the guy was leaving his "impression" on the floor (i.e. footprints) that the floor returned the favor and left an impression on him (i.e. cooler feet).


This made me think further into the subject.  It seems that when we leave an impression on people, it is highly likely that they will likewise leave an impression on us.  This brings to mind the phrase, "choose your friends wisely."  Those we spend the most time with, we naturally begin to pick up some of their character traits.  If you spend a lot of time with violent people, you will naturally begin to have violent undertones in your life.  If you spend a lot of time working on a project, it will consume your thoughts and everything you see will begin to tie in with your project in one way or another.  A classic example would be the consuming power of revenge.  It has a quaint ability of swiftly engulfing people with thoughts and plans of revenge.

So what happens when we devote our time to Jesus Christ and continually fellowship with Him?  He naturally leaves his impression on us.  The deeper we get in Him, the deeper His impression on and in us.  It is inevitable.  It is from this point that we can better represent Christ to the world.  It is not only by speaking.  When we spends hours daily with Him, His thoughts and mannerisms naturally become ours.  We represent Christ in our daily behavior and activities.  He is represented by the way we handle various situations in life.  This gives us a lot of responsibility.  However, this task becomes extremely easy when quality time is set aside to worship God and fellowship with Him.  

I now arrive to the finality of my point.  What impression do you leave?  Do people think of you as a rude, arrogant, immature person?  Or, do they consider you a polite, humble, diligent, obedient person?  My hope is that you belong in the latter of these two categories.  

My prayer to day is this:
that everywhere I go, I leave an impression of Christ
(love, caring, kindness, respect, humility, ..... the list is endless of good qualities that my Lord Jesus Christ possesses!)

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  1. Wow, Dave this is really good. It's funny you should talk about this as it is something that I have been thinking about as well. Very well written :D