Thursday, July 23, 2009

Advancing the Kingdom by Steps and Stages: The Prep Work

One of the main points of being a Christian is to send out the good news to the unbelievers. There are several avenues through which this can be achieved. Praise the Lord for his ingenuity! He has not created all of us to do the same exact tasks in life. He has gifted us all with very unique talents that can reach the lost in ways that the person next to you might not be able to. We are all called to do specific things for the kingdom but all of it ultimately ties into advancing the kingdom of God.

Recently I have begun using the talents and gifts that God has given me in the area of media. I am currently working with one of the most artistically anointed guy I have ever met. What a blessing Paul Griffith is! God has put a vision in his heart, and has spread it to mine, of ways that we can better equip the saints in their advancement of the kingdom. We are making a website full of videos available for churches to use in their services. Videos will range from sermon aids to worship backgrounds. A wide variety of things will be available. I am very excited about how God will use this.

Currently we are in the prep stages for our first video shoot. However, the website now has an opening page, a construction sign if you will. Here is the home page for your preview priviledges!

Yes. That is the url. No .coms or www. Later I’ll blog about how Paul came up with that title. However, for all of you that can’t figure out how to type the above url in your browser, we have another way to access the site with the .coms and everything. It brings you to the exact same page!

Well I hope you enjoy this little sneak peak of the website. We will keep you posted!

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